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Light and Lacey

July 19, 2011

Hello and welcome back to the Panty by Post Blog!  I have been handling the PR for Panty by Post for the last two months now, while living in New York and traveling to and from my Canadian roots- Winnipeg and Toronto.  This past weekend I attended a good friend’s wedding in Toronto.  It was a beautiful weekend and absolutely perfect weather for a wedding.  As I woke up Saturday morning and started to get ready though I realized that I had forgotten one very important detail for my outfit for the wedding.  Ladies, we all know what that crucial detail was… the right underwear!

After scurrying to the tailors to pick up my dress the morning of the wedding, yes I was being very risqué leaving the dress tailoring down to the last minute but c’est la vie when you’re a busy working girl.

As I was saying… I whipped to get my dress and all was right in the world when I found a pair of nude colored Hanky Panky’s in my suitcase!  They were officially my savior and I vowed right then- pun intended!- that I will always treat the bride and her ladies in waiting to a gift from the Hanky Panky Bridal Line Package and make sure I have a matching plain pair for my outfit too.  It’s always more fun if everyone wins, right?

It is my thought that in the summer heat, with a beautiful dress on, why not look and feel your absolute best by wearing something light and lacey.  PS- they’re comfortable too!

Oh and gents, we didn’t forget about you, our Briefs in a Box package is ideal for groomsmen gifts and for the groom himself.  Check them out on our Men’s Only section.

Nice to meet everyone, and until the next post!

xx L