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Turn up the lights in here baby

July 26, 2011

Ever been to a Tupperware party?  No me either, but I can picture what it would be like (yawn), and I was about to attend what I thought would be very similar on Saturday…  It was called a PartyLite Party and it actually turned out to be a blast!

The minute I walked into the room the scented oils instantly made me feel calm and relaxed, and the candles smelled delish and looked gorgeous too!

There I sat ooo-ing and ahh-ing at things I never thought I would… candles!!  When the time came to hand in our wish list and order sheet, mine was completely filled!  So I narrowed down my list and ended up purchasing this adorable tealights set.  I knew it would make a perfect present for one of my friends.  It triggered me to think that this is the same mentality lots of ladies have when purchasing Panty by Post gifts for their friends.  It’s the perfect gift for that girl who has everything.

So…. a little insider’s info for you here- our founder Natalie has just finished two trips, to Paris and to Moscow.  While in Paris, a little birdie told us tweeted (ok facebook too) that she met with a few companies about adding new products to feature with your surprise panty someday soon.  How cute would that be if one of those items were tealight candles?!  🙂

Email us your comments ( on what products you would like to see with your Panty By Post!  We would love to hear your feedback!

Until the next post~

xx L