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Light and Lacey

July 19, 2011

Hello and welcome back to the Panty by Post Blog!  I have been handling the PR for Panty by Post for the last two months now, while living in New York and traveling to and from my Canadian roots- Winnipeg and Toronto.  This past weekend I attended a good friend’s wedding in Toronto.  It was a beautiful weekend and absolutely perfect weather for a wedding.  As I woke up Saturday morning and started to get ready though I realized that I had forgotten one very important detail for my outfit for the wedding.  Ladies, we all know what that crucial detail was… the right underwear!

After scurrying to the tailors to pick up my dress the morning of the wedding, yes I was being very risqué leaving the dress tailoring down to the last minute but c’est la vie when you’re a busy working girl.

As I was saying… I whipped to get my dress and all was right in the world when I found a pair of nude colored Hanky Panky’s in my suitcase!  They were officially my savior and I vowed right then- pun intended!- that I will always treat the bride and her ladies in waiting to a gift from the Hanky Panky Bridal Line Package and make sure I have a matching plain pair for my outfit too.  It’s always more fun if everyone wins, right?

It is my thought that in the summer heat, with a beautiful dress on, why not look and feel your absolute best by wearing something light and lacey.  PS- they’re comfortable too!

Oh and gents, we didn’t forget about you, our Briefs in a Box package is ideal for groomsmen gifts and for the groom himself.  Check them out on our Men’s Only section.

Nice to meet everyone, and until the next post!

xx L


The real-life story of how a regular gal became a lingerie model.

March 26, 2009



Twelve, thirteen, fourteen….one more lunge and legs are jelly. Besides, if I find just one more ‘model’ for our photo shoot, my buttocks will not be exposed for the entire world to see. And by ‘model’, I mean an attractive woman who was somehow convinced to model French panties for our business’ upcoming website, Panty by Post.

Finding beautiful women in a town saturated with them isn’t a difficult task, however, finding beautiful women to agree to model panties at an old shipyard somewhere off the coast of no where is a challenge. Being new to the city, I turned to my good old friend and ardent addiction, Craigslist, and placed an ad seeking ‘normal’ type models to bare some skin for a website.

The agenda for the shoot was set before I even had my first conversations with the girls. This is partly because we were so excited, but really because Natalie is a teacher. Eliminating her from public bum display was essential, but also she is the most meticulous organizer in the world.

The first to confirm was Tanya, a Keira Sedgwick look-a-like, and life-long friend of my boyfriend, who spoke to me with great ease over the phone. Her friend Wu, whose bubbly and cute persona paired with her laissez-faire spirit, became number two. Robyn, the tall blonde with no airbrushing required on her perfect butt, as I later couldn’t help noticing, and my boyfriend’s massage therapist, ahem, was more than compliant to show her assets even in the freezing cold. Then there was Andrea, my business partner’s brother’s girlfriend, not once removed, who had previous modeling experience and no problems looking good in every panty she tried on. Lastly, there was backup if someone retracted their initial vow, and believe me, you are signing your butt away here, which was me. I can’t say I suddenly didn’t miss the blonde hair that defined me through my twenties and the bronzed skin that I often sported in the summer time months without a thought to what it might do my skin later on (when I had to do a panty shoot, for example). Luckily, good genes only imprinted laugh lines on my face and laughter is good. Right?

And a lot of laughter went on, nervous laughter to start with. Tanya, who surprised me with her level of eagerness, confided in me after one glass of pink champagne on set that she thought it was a joke up until when she received our email about the day’s itinerary. Side note: champagne does wonders to a group of semi naked women confined to a public washroom full of racks of panties.

Our stylist arrived on time and the girls all got free reign in choosing their panties for their first shots and after trial cat walks down the runway between the toilet stalls and the sink. The accessorizing wardrobe was decided by the specialists, that being, my partner and me, our new assumed role besides on site caterer, prop manager, assistant photographer and motivational counselor. I’m not exactly sure why I needed to add ‘panty provocateur’ to my profile at that moment; perhaps I knew that one day someone would let me write a story for the website , but I am pretty sure it was the way in which the idea behind Panty by Post evolved.

Allow me to elaborate. The retail side of Panty by Post was never meant to be a large focus for us; instead, we wanted to create a concept that would generate a feeling. First, the anticipation and nostalgia of receiving something in the mail like waiting to open that first present on Christmas morning when you were a kid. Or it could be the surprise and excitement of getting a package addressed to you as a gift. Most profoundly, it was the essence of the way you feel after slipping into one of our French satiny and lacey panties…need I say more? So I decided to slip them on and experience the public side of Panty by Post, or what Natalie termed as “taking one for the team”.

I found myself back in the public washroom with the rest of the everyday-type-women-transformed into America’s Next Top Panty Model, going through the same practices that became the conceptualized frame work of that day. Twelve panties later, with the help of the group’s encouragement, the push up bra loaned to me by my new model/masseuse friend Robyn, I slithered into lucky number thirteen, grabbed my big overcoat, just in case, and headed down the path to my shoot.

Besides the frigid cold air and the dusk narrowing in on our natural daylight, it wasn’t so terrifying after all. Whether it was the warm reception from our fabulous and patient photographer, the familiar sweet encouraging sounds from Natalie standing by, or the cold air freezing my brain, and therefore making it impossible to grasp what was actually happening, I decided to let go. Unleashing my inner whatever-it-was that was waiting to come out, shockingly took over my body at this moment. The black silky fabric and frills encased my butt with the same safe feeling a warm fuzzy towel gives you that awaits outside a cold pool. But, there was more–I felt sexy! And powerful! Suddenly, my posture became erect, I threw off the trench and dropped all my previous worries about lunge and crunch capacities at the gym. I breathed it in and I embraced this new found confidence. I am a woman. A real woman. Now, although I don’t think I can or ever want to, live the narcissism I self-imposed on my spirit, nor do I think I may have a career in modeling, I definitely think the results were great! 

You can see Lori’s photos from the shoot in our look book at