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“She could be a farmer in those clothes”

July 22, 2011

Remember when Amber from Clueless said these words to Tai.  Well that is what happened to me this Wednesday.  I am currently at my family’s cottage in beautiful Lake of the Woods when I was informed that there is a weekly farmer’s market every Wednesday morning.

Well we all know I am a market junkie and could never pass up on one, so off I went!  Bought some delish fresh vegies, saw some neat jewelry, and of course was interested in the styles I saw around me.

The item I found most entertaining was this shirt.  I kept asking the lady for a brand but all I got was “shirt”.  Leave it to the NY PR Girl to ask the twenty questions.  Anyway, the point is- it’s one size fits all!  Yes, this little garment is meant to be worn by adults and it made me think of our loyal Hanky Panky Panty Lovers.  Aren’t they great?

But let’s get back to Clueless… if I was Cher, with that endless closet and a nice summer market day alfresco, I would be sporting these homegirl farmgirl fashions.  Rolling with the homies.

  1. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Conversational Print Oblong Scarf $24
  2. Joe Fresh Striped Ballet Tee $16
  3. Old Navy Embroidered Denim Shorts $24.95
  4. Havaianas White SLIM $26
  5. Zara Metal Fram Glasses $15.99
  6. Zara Raffia Shopper $49.99

PS- they are all under $100 dollars!

“Do you prefer ‘fashion victim’, or ‘ensembly challenged’?” – Cher