Sex …in the mail!

May 25, 2010

Sex…in the Mail

Who would have thought we’d be waiting in anticipation for another Sex in the City movie? Those four gals have had us wrapped around their beautifully manicured fingers with their exciting adventures in NYC, and the movies based on the series are just as good!

Sex and the City might not be a completely accurate portrayal of what it’s really like for most single women, but that’s why we like it. We can’t get enough of the lure of an exciting lifestyle full of luxury-priced shoes and fashions, and unlimited dining and expensive cocktail-sipping in fancy clubs! These vibrant women are searching for true love on their own terms, relationships with twists and turns, the kind that keep you wondering and also perched on the edge of your Italian sofa.

We may not exactly relate to those sexy gals, but we’re waiting in anticipation to find out what they’re up to now. At we like surprises too!  We send a pretty French panty in the mail monthly. It’s a little taste of glamour every month at a cost you can afford.

Now, that’s something we can all relate to.

Visit and order your sexy surprise now.


Slaying the Dragons. All in a day’s work.

May 17, 2010

Preparing for the Dragons’ Den

Panties? Check. Packages? Check. Numbers? Check. Nerves? Double check!

I packed the last of our ‘armour’ in my suitcase, as I made the final preparations for our much anticipated Dragons Den pitch this Saturday in Toronto.

Our practice regime included: writing a business plan, watching past episodes, meeting with our media guru Maria LeRose and a full on mock Dragon’s Den.

We were fully prepared and excited to face the sometimes oh too scrutinizing panel on CBC’s Dragon Den. Not just an exercise, our planning for the Den marks a tipping point for PBP. We are going full speed ahead and there’s no looking back.

The Big Day

10 AM hair and makeup.

Noon call time, photos and preparation.

Artists Lounge.

Holding Tank and On Set!

We can’t reveal the outcome of our pitch but we can say we had 20 glorious minutes and it was one hell of a fight.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 3, 2010


PBP Mom Day Reminder
May News
Remember Mom Day
Show her how much you care with a “Dream Lover” panty. Elegant and serene, with a flower on top!

Smell the roses
Reflect your ever growing friendship and love, with the “Rose in Bloom” hipster and keep her reminded of your budding relationship all year long.

Panties are always in bloom
Say it with a flower that won’t wilt, and give her a “Fleur de Peau” this Mother’s Day. No watering or vase required.

Pretty in pink
Make her feel extra special and “Pretty in Pink” this year with this little treat and see her smile each time you meet.

A gift every month!
Happy Mother’s Day, all year long, with Panty by Post.

Spring cleaning

April 6, 2010

PBP Spring
April News
Special Offer for Newsletter Subscribers
Spring clean your panty drawer and add a new collection from PBP. Purchase a Sultry Six and get free shipping absolutely free! Include the code “panty blitz” in the notes section of your order.

New spring line in!
Spring fever will surely take over once you have a peak at the latest collection hanging on our clothesline. Visit our gallery.

Picky person?
Send a Panty by Post for the perfect present. Don’t forget that every referral package puts you in the position for a complimentary panty! Send now.

Upcoming Events…
Chocolate Persuasion baking class at the Dirty Apron Cooking School, Vancouver, BC. Check our facebook events page for more details.

March 27, 2010

Just days after the spring equinox, I’m already hanging my laundry out on the line.

It’s a time to clean out closets (or panty drawers), both physically and mentally and welcome the new found balance. The birth of spring brings day and night in equilibrium and perhaps just a little ‘spring’ in the step with the emergence of warm weather and longer daylight hours. Maybe you’re smiling a little more, maybe you’re finding rest a little more and maybe the old ticker feels an extra warm massage? Trees are budding, grass is becoming a lush green and our collection of spring panties is hanging on the line!

Natalie and I have been ‘busy’ bees, planting seeds across the nation over the winter and now the flowers are in bloom. We’ll keep you posted right here on upcoming events happening locally in Vancouver, BC, like the Dirty Apron baking classes we are sponsoring and the party we’re co- hosting at Olive and Lily’s in May. Also in May, you’ll find us in Toronto for our pitch to CBC’s television program, The Dragon’s Den.

From all girl panty poker nights to bridal showers, we ‘re inspiring the pickiest of people to pick Panty by Post. We’re corning the marketing on the perfect present for the ladies and gentleman too. We can’t wait to share the new spring collection with you, so we didn’t. Visit out updated gallery to view our newest and possibly our cutest panties.

Shop now!

To the Dragon’s Den we go..

March 10, 2010

I’m a little sleepy today from slaying dragons. We’re going to face the real slayers on CBC’s upcoming season. I’m tired also perhaps from the endless Facebook responses or maybe just the nightmares of being lured in by prehistoric dragon like creatures to feed their offspring?

Whatever it may be, it’s not a dream. After a two and half hour wait, a one hour drilling of our interviewing skills and then energizing ourselves with caffeine and Jane Fonda moves in the hotel’s lobby, we were ready to meet the judges . The verdict was decided on the spot. The panty ladies were invited to Toronto this May to film The Dragon’s Den.

Our job now and until the show airs, is to continue to build our confidence, refine our business plan, meet with lawyers, designers and maybe  plastic surgeons (kidding). No really, we’re ready to meet the dragons on CBC’s popular program. Everything up until this point has prepared us for this curtain call. I know we can make those dragons sizzle and we’ll have 6 models in panties and bras to help us along.

We Believe!

March 9, 2010


PBP’s Anthem
We believe.
The moment is now.
We believe that the moment is now
The time has past so fast somehow
We’ve said goodbye to the triumphant game
Post Olympics PBP has made quite the name

The biggest news.
You may have seen us first on CTV
ETalk Daily showed the nation to see
That two Canadian gals want to dress your bum
In an elegant, convenient and low sum

Victory in the west.
Then came our interview on CBC
With renowned stylist JJ Lee
He came for a visit and left with our voices
And told the West coast about our panty choices

On the podium.
Our next spotlight brings the U.S. some cheer
In touch Weekly found us at Sundance this year
We’re spreading the panty love far and wide
We want to be your gifting guide

Oh we believe, we believe, we believe in now…
We believe there’s any occasion to give
Send a panty and really live!

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PBP Customer Testimonials

February 22, 2010

I have already signed up again and it is because my wife thinks this is the most fun gift she has ever received for Valentines Day. The fit and comfort are always right on and she can’t wait for the next delivery, keep up the good work.



Kirkland, Quebec

I think this is such a fun thing to look forward to each month, better than a magazine in some cases!  I had picked the boycut style and the panty I received was great.

I think this is a great idea, it is fun a little thrill and a great gift idea. I look forward to the next 6 panties,


North Vancouver, BC

On a recent romantic weekend I took along my panties from to add some sensual interest.

As I was packing up to return home, I folded up my favourite black lacey pair and left them on his dresser.

I thought it would be a wonderful reminder of our hot weekend.  He loved that I left them behind!


Victoria, BC

I enjoy the treat and have used it as a reminder to check my breasts monthly.   When they come, I check and then enjoy the panties as a reward also!!!!


Langley, BC

My gift arrived and I must say it is the cutest idea ever! I loved it! The idea made me feel quite young too.

Thank you. I’m going to have fun wearing them because I would never have bought them for myself!


West Vancouver, BC

I did receive my sexy single and they are certainly that, “sexy”. I love them and they are very comfortable and who wouldn’t feel sexy wearing them?

Nashville, TN, USA

Amy Blaine

I have indeed received my first posting and I love it!  I decided to try giving it to a dear friend for her birthday and then realized that it was something that I would enjoy very much doing for myself as well.

I love the card that comes with it and also the variety of choices.  The panties are pretty, comfortable and wonderful little surprises.

My husband is quite happy that I’m doing this for myself too, as asking him to pick out something for me would be a bit of a disaster.

So a BIG thank you very much for this lovely service–it’s fun, pretty, delightfully whimsical. I love it and am trying to think of who of my friends I can gift this to next!


Montreal, Que

The first pair were not only beautiful, but made me feel like a supermodel as soon as I put them on.  My husband was so excited by the idea that he got me 6 more deliveries!”


West Vancouver, BC

PBP is a fabulous concept, not only because they are reasonably priced, but also because who doesn’t like getting mail – especially if it’s sexy!


Mississauga, Ontario

I have enjoyed the panties by post SO very much! It was a wonderful gift and I am singing your praises.

I loved the suspense (sous-pants?) of waiting to see what would come in the mail and I was never disappointed.

I love all three panties – I don’t splurge on sexy underwear (I

normally wear cotton jockeys), so this has been a welcome treat.


Palm Springs, CA, USA
I’ve been meaning to write you guys for a while now!  My husband got a 6 month subscription for me to PBP in February for Valentine’s Day and I LOVE every panty you’ve sent!

I just wanted to write you to tell you thank you for starting such a creative company – there are many happy women (thus, men) out there because of you!

Dr. Kate

Lawrenceville, GA

Sundance 2010 Celebrity Gift Lounge

January 23, 2010

Lori and I travelled from home to wish upon the stars at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Our journey here was a great head start. Lori and I always sport our “Ask me about my panties” hot pink ts, which is the ideal ice breaker when you’re in our business! The drive from Salt Lake was like walking into a pop up card, with towering mountains and vast open roads. The snow covers every surface and it’s light, fluffy and very sparkly. Did I mention that Andy MacDowell likes our panties? Today we strongly encouraged Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers to wear a panty on his head.

The football players were all very enthusiastic about our company and our plot to have them be panty mascots worked! Both Lori and I were very impressed with how kind many of the celebs were. One very stylish Scottish star wants me to text him sexy pictures of myself in panties. Oh la la! Our day is about to wrap, but the show will continue on the road to the Oscars. We’ve been invited to be part of a pre-Oscar gift bag event.

For Auld time sake..

December 28, 2009
NYE with PBP!
Raise a glass to 2010!
Sing to the tune of Auld Lang Syne
Should auld knickers be forgot
And never brought to life
Should you then place your New Year’s order
Even across the U.S. border
You will get it on time
Fill your glass and sing…
For auld acquaintance
Would love our panties
They’re simply sublime
We love your bottoms!
Ladies and Gents,
It’s time to repent
In your skivvy drawer
We want to see you in the New Year
And your bottoms some more
Gear up for NYE!
For auld panties are so last year
Give the gift that gives the most cheer
And keep the smiles in full gear!

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