More from our Lingerie Guru…

Dear Guru,

I know you only sell panties but do you have any style tips on what bras to wear with your super sexy styles?

Sincerely, Miss Matched.


Dear MM,

You’ve come to the right source for advice on mixing lingerie sets.

As a practical matter, ladies working in conservative office environments prefer more neutral colours and simple styles since their bras can outline the contours of their busts. The same is not true for panties!

It is also more practical and sensible to rotate your bras less frequently than your panties, as they don’t soil as quickly.

And, from a strict fashion perspective, there is growing movement towards the mix-and-match lingerie look, as you can see from these recent styles from Blush Lingerie, our principal supplier at Panty by Post:

Moreover, this fashion trend seems to be following the reality “on the ground”. In my quest to deliver a fully researched and unbiased answer, I’ve just taken an informal survey here in the coffee shop where I’m writing this column. Out of 11 women I approached, 7 were not wearing matching bras and panties, while only 3 were perfectly matched (1 considered my question as too strange to merit an answer!).

And it’s certainly not important for guys. In the same coffee shop, 7 out of 8 guys stated no preference whatsoever for matched or mismatched lingerie sets. And 100% preferred the bra-less look!

Having opined on this issue, we *do* occasionally treat our Facebook fans to special promotions where we offer them matching bras.

Yours in fine lace,

The Lingerie Guru


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