Can a Panty by Post be worn by men?

Have you ever wanted to get your lingerie questions answered? Email us your questions. Our panty by post experts are standing by. Here’s our first Q and A.

Dear Lingerie Guru,

I’m jealous that your great panty styles and luxurious materials are only available for women. Can I buy a pair for myself? What sizing and comfort issues should I keep in mind? I can think of no better secret than to wear these under my business suit. It will keep a smile on my face during my working day and beyond.


Just wanna be me


Dear wannabe,

Your secret desires are not so unusual. Why should Mick Jagger have all the fun? We certainly don’t discriminate against any buyers, male or female.

From a design point of view, of course women’s styles don’t make any “accommodation” for the male member. But that can also be a source of titillation. I would recommend that you order a trial package of 2. The waist measurements are on our sizing table, and we go all the way to an XXXXL.

While we don’t yet offer a men’s thong, our boxer briefs are mighty luxurious and are made of ecologically-friendly, super-soft bamboo. If you haven’t worn ladies’ underwear before, maybe our boxer briefs could be an interim step.

On the other hand, we are also happy to offer our men’s line for women. My girlfriend occasionally wears my boxers to bed and enjoys the freedom and comfort.

Your PBP Lingerie Expert


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