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November 7, 2011

Dear Guru,

I know you only sell panties but do you have any style tips on what bras to wear with your super sexy styles?

Sincerely, Miss Matched.


Dear MM,

You’ve come to the right source for advice on mixing lingerie sets.

As a practical matter, ladies working in conservative office environments prefer more neutral colours and simple styles since their bras can outline the contours of their busts. The same is not true for panties!

It is also more practical and sensible to rotate your bras less frequently than your panties, as they don’t soil as quickly.

And, from a strict fashion perspective, there is growing movement towards the mix-and-match lingerie look, as you can see from these recent styles from Blush Lingerie, our principal supplier at Panty by Post:

Moreover, this fashion trend seems to be following the reality “on the ground”. In my quest to deliver a fully researched and unbiased answer, I’ve just taken an informal survey here in the coffee shop where I’m writing this column. Out of 11 women I approached, 7 were not wearing matching bras and panties, while only 3 were perfectly matched (1 considered my question as too strange to merit an answer!).

And it’s certainly not important for guys. In the same coffee shop, 7 out of 8 guys stated no preference whatsoever for matched or mismatched lingerie sets. And 100% preferred the bra-less look!

Having opined on this issue, we *do* occasionally treat our Facebook fans to special promotions where we offer them matching bras.

Yours in fine lace,

The Lingerie Guru


Can a Panty by Post be worn by men?

October 28, 2011

Have you ever wanted to get your lingerie questions answered? Email us your questions. Our panty by post experts are standing by. Here’s our first Q and A.

Dear Lingerie Guru,

I’m jealous that your great panty styles and luxurious materials are only available for women. Can I buy a pair for myself? What sizing and comfort issues should I keep in mind? I can think of no better secret than to wear these under my business suit. It will keep a smile on my face during my working day and beyond.


Just wanna be me


Dear wannabe,

Your secret desires are not so unusual. Why should Mick Jagger have all the fun? We certainly don’t discriminate against any buyers, male or female.

From a design point of view, of course women’s styles don’t make any “accommodation” for the male member. But that can also be a source of titillation. I would recommend that you order a trial package of 2. The waist measurements are on our sizing table, and we go all the way to an XXXXL.

While we don’t yet offer a men’s thong, our boxer briefs are mighty luxurious and are made of ecologically-friendly, super-soft bamboo. If you haven’t worn ladies’ underwear before, maybe our boxer briefs could be an interim step.

On the other hand, we are also happy to offer our men’s line for women. My girlfriend occasionally wears my boxers to bed and enjoys the freedom and comfort.

Your PBP Lingerie Expert

Natalie’s Moscow Travel Journal

August 11, 2011

It’s a fine line between love and hate. Initially I hated Moscow but within a day, I fell in love. This love will last though (wink).

Upon arrival in Moscow, July 19, 2011.

Ok, so I arrived at the DME airport and they let me in without any questions, which was good because there’s no way I can understand a god damn thing these people say. I try to speak French to them, it’s that bad. I made it to the train, no problem but I chose the seat facing the wrong way, smart traveller that I am. It was like riding the opposite way in the back of a volvo when you were a kid. I get sick all over again thinking about it. So wrong way or not, I was on the train going downtown. I saw many decrepit buildings on route but I also was happy to be here (my motherland?). I put a ? mark there because the theme here is “I did it, so you don’t have to”. Ok, back to the story. Elena was waiting for me and we then waited for a cab. The cab, which is actually a guy in his car, or Lada, or rickshaw, took us to my Vegas hotel (about 45 minutes later). Traffic here is bad and the sites en route were not interesting. My hotel is good, very weird but after Elena showed me how to flush the toilet, it was magic. Elena and I ate down the “road” and I’m back at the hotel trying to work amidst the cacophony of noises here. Tomorrow we go to Red Square, do an interview and then dinner with Peter. I’ll have more glowing reports of the friendly people (not the Russians though) and the sites and sounds.

Hotel Cosmos (or Las Vegas, as I renamed it)

As you know, I’m not a big fan of germs or bugs for that matter. I dutifully checked my bed for bed bugs, and my luggage is sleeping on the bed next to me. Last night, I hear a lil something in my bathroom. You guessed it, I’m sharing my room with cockroaches. Ok, no problem. I crunch it under my bath mat and then proceed to spread all my towels in every place I walk in the room, it’s like a Russian yellow brick road. OK, I’m safe. Get into bed and look up. Yes, more bugs. I kill as many as possible and then try to sleep. Actually I’m ok but aren’t you proud. I also need to mention at midnight my Asian neighbour and my Russian cleaning lady (sounds the same at high volume at midnight) are vacuuming and having a fight. Maybe he also had cockroaches but was too scared to kill them himself? There’s no way in hell I’m letting her clean my room.

So I slept, I had breakfast and now I’m working a little. The internet is not excellent but heh, I’m here to break my ankle on their sidewalks, or get lost on their insane subways system. This is my first real day here, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to share. Mom suggested I come home early, but I think I need to gather more material for the book I’ll write about my adventures. I will be cured of my love for all things East for sure, which should make all of you happy since I will be vacationing in France, Hawaii and Palm Springs for the rest of my life now. I ate kefir for breakfast though, a bit of a let down because at home it’s quite nice with fruit but here they serve it plain. Speaking of plain, the ladies here will love Panty by Post, since their beauty rivals French women. The men don’t even register at all, they are not good looking and like to pee on the street (I haven’t seen this, only the scent of it).

Time to search out water, the tap water is no good. Then venture to the subway to meet Elena. At least it’s colour coded but they don’t always stick to the same colours per map. I’ve been warned by Elena. Who are these people? Imagine two people yelling at each other really fast, this is how two Russians speak to each other but they are happy. No more French sing song, phooey, these people are hysterics!!!

PPS I will be bringing nothing home from Russia as gift and please have the fumigators ready at the airport with some DDT to spray over me and my bags. Though nothing will touch the floor, we can’t be too careful.

By now, I suspect strongly, many of you are enjoying my morning and evening missives and you are wondering what happened to your daily news from Moscow. Wonder no more, though I’m tired, I will try to catch you up on my shananaginans (improper word usage but it’s the best word for what I’ve been up to) and misbehaviours in this mysterious city.

Elena at the Vogue Cafe near Red Square.

I have now become almost one person with Elena. I even think in her adorable English accent and I use her expressions while I talk almost constantly from the second I see her. She is the perfect companion for me, she laughs at my jokes, thinks I’m brilliant and she is super interesting and interested. This seems to be a trait of the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, they are curious, engaged and very present. I am very impressed with this nation, but Elena reminds me she has taken me to the best places and we have had an exceptional time. Did I mention that this city is full of the most beautiful women on the planet!!! France is ok, the girls are a bit plain compared to the Russian women. It’s a totally cruel thing too, because the men are the ugliest on the planet, complete shlubs times about a billion. When I am wealthy I will sponsor Elena to come to work as my personal assistant, which is what she did for me here (she’s my friend too). My company operations are in great hands with her and Peter.

Our office in Central Moscow.

Yesterday began at 11AM with Peter in the only subway station I trust myself to get to every day. By the way, they are very impressed I take the subway and find me to be not really a princess (shocking I know). I have proven my travel skills to them by taking the same route every day and then getting picked up by Elena. Some really bad travelers must come to Moscow because their subway is absolutely fantastic, if you can read Russian, which is a problem. I am starting to recognize words and I can be mistaken for a Russian daily now, which is an incredible compliment in this city of amazon women. We saw a girl last night in the bar that looked like a giraffe, she was like a Kenyan, only white! Oh yes, with the exception of my hotel (the local Las Vegas type place) this place is basically completely white. I have seen 2 Africans and some Asians from Russian speaking territories around here. It’s very strange.

The fab subway in the city.

After Peter and I had a meeting in his office (very nice), Elena picked me up and we went to view the club where the launch event will take place. The Club Pacha is very exclusive, in an area littered with black SUVs. I have never seen a place like this. Features are: private toilets for VIP guests who have booths, inside the booth when you sit on the toilet you can look up and watch the dancers through the glass (no lie), lava-like ceiling, booths with fur, oyster bar…you get the picture. This is one sexy place and later that night we were treated to complimentary wine and champagne (whole bottles) and our own booth by the dance floor. The production coordinator of the PBP fashion show was Miss Russia in 1994 and she’s lovely dressed in a bohemian outfit complete with animal teeth and ribbons. When she walks she gets caught on everything, so she’s a hassle to travel around with. After the Pacha walkthrough with Miss Russia and two photographers, we went to Cup and Cake. Another freekin’ fantastically creative place your imagination wouldn’t even think of if you were high on acid. This place is jam packed with out of this world spots (and no I did not do any drugs, of course not, I just really am in love with Moscow). Cup and Cake is a high-end boutique and eating place. I had the best cafe latte in my life and I now dream about being locked there over night to sleep in the cute chairs and sip tea in every mug. It’s like walking into a cafe Anthropologie. After Cup and Cake we went for dinner at the synagogue’s restaurant called Jerusalem (dumb name huh;).

The Cup and Cake coffee shop.

After an excellent meal, Elena and I went to meet our videographer Azamat to shoot our Russian reel. We met him at about 8 and began shooting at 9PM Friday night on a bridge over the Moscow River. People here will come to meet you, will work at 9PM Friday night, they are flexible and so sweet about it. They are very civilized people in Moscow, I really like it. Azamat is a darling and drove us to the bridge to shoot. His car is actually a moving chair, it’s that small, but beggars can’t be choosers (I ride the subway here, nothing fancy). He actually just stops his car in the lane on the bridge, puts on his hazards and that’s totally fine. He is “parking” on the bridge. These people are looney about their parking. I saw someone move a parking barrier, then park in the spot. It’s just every man for himself here. They park on the curb, in the pedestrian cross walk…wherever they can squeeze their cars. They also have shit-box type cars next to fancy masserati types, it’s a city of contrast for sure.

Elena doing last minute make up touch ups before we shoot our reels.

Fancy car next to a Russian Lada, not fancy car.

I’m getting a bit tired, so the rest of this long email will be bullet points:

-Video was very good, I said my lines about 50 times and so did Elena. I now basically know my speech as if I was born saying it, “Moscow is amazing. The people are….” blah blah blah. It was great and Azamat thinks we are genius type business executives. Kidding. There is no way to control my hair in this city and compared to the Russian women, I dress like a postal worker. I’m basically a potato sack here. Sad but true and I accept this (wink).

-After the video we finished around midnight, we take a drive and then go to Club Pacha to be VIP from 1AM. Can you believe I can do this at my old age?

Entrace to Club Pacha taken during the day.

-Club Pacha we drink excessively with Peter and then Elena and I dance until 5AM. Elena actually had a nap in our booth at one point. All good, I danced with Peter and the rest of the people at the club (did I mention that there were Spanish men at the bar?). I have the best moves in Russia, since the people seem pretty uncoordinated and the women are trapped in heels, so they can’t move much. It’s my only advantage here.

-leave Pacha at 5AM, sun coming up, talk to people on the street (some of whom are now my facebook friends), Elena and I get in cab and we go back to my Las Vegas style hotel and sleep until 1:30 the next day.

-wake up, hung over like you wouldn’t believe, shake it off, do some work, go back out there baby!

-we eat lunch in Casino, this amazing restaurant where I eat the best sushi of my life and Azamat meets us for strawberry gelato. The bill was $200, so I decide not to eat for the rest of the day to make up for this. Moscow is not cheap but I have decided to go to the best places, big surprise.

Lunch with Elena and Azamat at Casino.

-Elena and I walk in old Arbat street and I get my palm read, here’s the future: 6 children in my “program” but I will have 2 girls an 1 boy (where are the other ones?), marry at 37, a good marriage, 40s and 50s will be awesome (my word, not the old Russian lady), lots of travel, plenty of money, I’m smart, kind, men like me (hee hee) and I will live until 88 and not die of sickness. She also said I was a good driver and I wouldn’t die in a plane crash (nice!).

Getting my palm read on Old Arbat Street.

-Elena and I walked more in the cool Moscow breeze and then I took the subway home to catch up on work and missives (this is like a thesis, sorry about that).

-tomorrow is my last day, so we’ll take a boat trip and then have a final business dinner at Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin.

My meal was a work of art.

-Elena and I will share a Mercedes “cab” to the airport on Monday.

Much love and thanks for reading my essay, or skimming it…I would (wink).

Nats or Natasha as I will now asked to be called.

A view of the city from a restaurant nick named "Golden Brains".

Turn up the lights in here baby

July 26, 2011

Ever been to a Tupperware party?  No me either, but I can picture what it would be like (yawn), and I was about to attend what I thought would be very similar on Saturday…  It was called a PartyLite Party and it actually turned out to be a blast!

The minute I walked into the room the scented oils instantly made me feel calm and relaxed, and the candles smelled delish and looked gorgeous too!

There I sat ooo-ing and ahh-ing at things I never thought I would… candles!!  When the time came to hand in our wish list and order sheet, mine was completely filled!  So I narrowed down my list and ended up purchasing this adorable tealights set.  I knew it would make a perfect present for one of my friends.  It triggered me to think that this is the same mentality lots of ladies have when purchasing Panty by Post gifts for their friends.  It’s the perfect gift for that girl who has everything.

So…. a little insider’s info for you here- our founder Natalie has just finished two trips, to Paris and to Moscow.  While in Paris, a little birdie told us tweeted (ok facebook too) that she met with a few companies about adding new products to feature with your surprise panty someday soon.  How cute would that be if one of those items were tealight candles?!  🙂

Email us your comments ( on what products you would like to see with your Panty By Post!  We would love to hear your feedback!

Until the next post~

xx L

“She could be a farmer in those clothes”

July 22, 2011

Remember when Amber from Clueless said these words to Tai.  Well that is what happened to me this Wednesday.  I am currently at my family’s cottage in beautiful Lake of the Woods when I was informed that there is a weekly farmer’s market every Wednesday morning.

Well we all know I am a market junkie and could never pass up on one, so off I went!  Bought some delish fresh vegies, saw some neat jewelry, and of course was interested in the styles I saw around me.

The item I found most entertaining was this shirt.  I kept asking the lady for a brand but all I got was “shirt”.  Leave it to the NY PR Girl to ask the twenty questions.  Anyway, the point is- it’s one size fits all!  Yes, this little garment is meant to be worn by adults and it made me think of our loyal Hanky Panky Panty Lovers.  Aren’t they great?

But let’s get back to Clueless… if I was Cher, with that endless closet and a nice summer market day alfresco, I would be sporting these homegirl farmgirl fashions.  Rolling with the homies.

  1. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Conversational Print Oblong Scarf $24
  2. Joe Fresh Striped Ballet Tee $16
  3. Old Navy Embroidered Denim Shorts $24.95
  4. Havaianas White SLIM $26
  5. Zara Metal Fram Glasses $15.99
  6. Zara Raffia Shopper $49.99

PS- they are all under $100 dollars!

“Do you prefer ‘fashion victim’, or ‘ensembly challenged’?” – Cher


Light and Lacey

July 19, 2011

Hello and welcome back to the Panty by Post Blog!  I have been handling the PR for Panty by Post for the last two months now, while living in New York and traveling to and from my Canadian roots- Winnipeg and Toronto.  This past weekend I attended a good friend’s wedding in Toronto.  It was a beautiful weekend and absolutely perfect weather for a wedding.  As I woke up Saturday morning and started to get ready though I realized that I had forgotten one very important detail for my outfit for the wedding.  Ladies, we all know what that crucial detail was… the right underwear!

After scurrying to the tailors to pick up my dress the morning of the wedding, yes I was being very risqué leaving the dress tailoring down to the last minute but c’est la vie when you’re a busy working girl.

As I was saying… I whipped to get my dress and all was right in the world when I found a pair of nude colored Hanky Panky’s in my suitcase!  They were officially my savior and I vowed right then- pun intended!- that I will always treat the bride and her ladies in waiting to a gift from the Hanky Panky Bridal Line Package and make sure I have a matching plain pair for my outfit too.  It’s always more fun if everyone wins, right?

It is my thought that in the summer heat, with a beautiful dress on, why not look and feel your absolute best by wearing something light and lacey.  PS- they’re comfortable too!

Oh and gents, we didn’t forget about you, our Briefs in a Box package is ideal for groomsmen gifts and for the groom himself.  Check them out on our Men’s Only section.

Nice to meet everyone, and until the next post!

xx L

Becoming a Mother: Changes Abreast by Insiya Rasiwala-Finn

January 5, 2011

What’s inside your lingerie drawer?  Sleek and utilitarian is probably how I would describe most of my underwear.  Cotton has always felt great against my skin and I used to think it was more practical to spend my clothing budget on what adorned me on the outside, rather than worrying about the underpinnings.

But over the past two nights, I’ve trawled the internet to inspect handmade French lingerie, and debated spending the $ for one of Panty by Post’s silky hipster panties.

I can tell you for certain that I didn’t see this coming.

It may have had something to do with the fact that I’ve never really had breasts – that is except for a short period during college when I took the curve enhancing birth control pill.  But tired of the moody effects of the pill, my body quickly eased back to its normal shape, yes I had curves, but they were almost non-existent and frankly, I liked that.  That’s what allowed me to be active, surfing, running and yoga-ing with a body that was slight, strong and pliable.

Yes, I’ve never understood our cultural obsession with larger breasts, a surgical option to look like a lactating mother, and that too, without a baby.


Then, earlier this year, I got pregnant.  My body, with its heightened sensitivity and hormonal onslaught reacted like a brittle autumn tree hit by a wild fire.  Almost overnight, the tremors in my chest sprouted breasts, until there they were; real breasts that no longer felt comfortable under my normal clothing.  I could no longer run easily, the twists in my yoga practice required more space and most importantly, I could not subdue them in a tank top, these perky creatures demanded a real bra, and my lululemon sports bra and various yoga tops just didn’t make the style or comfort cut anymore.

Of course the irony was, that while this visible offshoot was taking place in my outer body, on the inside my body was creating a placenta, that incredibly adaptive organ that would nourish my baby through its evolutionary journey over the next few months.  Outwardly, my body wore its natural equivalent to a breast enhancement proudly, but my insides churned, a sign that my placenta was securing its rightful place in my uterus, my nipples were sore; and the last thing I wanted was to have my very attentive husband’s hands or lips anywhere near my painful, tender breasts.

Much has been written about pregnancy and sexuality.  Some women reportedly feel very sexually alive while others feel the opposite.  At my first midwife appointment, I was handed a binder on birth resources that also contained a government issued handbook on sex during pregnancy, outlining safe and comfortable ways to adapt to a woman’s changing body…  I flipped through the pages and wondered, in my nauseous and fatigued state, would I ever feel sexy again?


Fast forward to today, past the awkward second trimester where to most it was still not evident that I was pregnant and my changing shape still felt awkward like ill fitting clothes.  I have six weeks left until our baby arrives – unless things change – and I have gotten acclimated to my breasts, while my belly has caught up to my largesse.  Unexpectedly, I feel comfortable in this new shape of curves and softness.   Which makes me think about the biology of procreation and how it somehow manages to muss together all our carefully crafted distinctions between the profane and sacred.  From the earthy sensuality of lovemaking emerges creation.  And our female bodies become vessels for something larger than ourselves.  The reason my breasts are voluptuous is so I can nourish our baby with milk.  Like all expectant mothers, I am an industrial designer’s wet dream, an intricate, perfect machine, functional and aesthetic all in one.

Isn’t this the ultimate tantric equation?   Where there is no distinction between sacredness and life?  Where every living moment is sacred in and of itself.  As a Yoga teacher, one of the things I wrestle with in classical Yoga, is our attempt to control the body’s natural desires in order to transcend it.  These last seven months of pregnancy have been the opposite.  Just as my Yoga practice has changed, with my body learning how to support itself in new ways, I have had to surrender to the rhythms of evolution and its claims on my body, my emotions and my mind.  My body, once so cold that I wore two pairs of tights in Vancouver’s mild winters, is now so warm, that I cannot even touch my partner (who naturally runs hot) at night – it feels as though I am scalding myself.  My digestion varies from meal to meal, I fall into dream-filled, lucid sleeps that stay with me each morning; I cry when I read an encounter about natural birth; and while I wake up early with an energy spurt, by 11 a.m. I need a nap.

What I’ve learned through all of this, is that there are no blueprints for this journey.  All that advice that well-meaning friends and strangers ply you with is yours to accept or deny.

I’m not sure how the next few months will transpire, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the soft feel of silk on my skin and marvel in my strong and beautiful body as it goes to work preparing to birth and nurse a new being, oh yes and hopefully enjoy some pleasure too.  It’s all part of the same continuum.



Solving the Mystique of the French (Hint: It’s All About Boundaries)

December 30, 2010

Lucky me. My business and schedule allowed me the luxury of a three week trip to the Cote d’Azur this summer. I could hardly wait to get snuggled into my plane seat and tuck into the novel my friend Suzanna lent me for my trip titled All You Need to be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts and Little Secrets of French Women by funny Brit Helena Frith-Powell.  My friend Suzanna lent me her novel, All You Need to Be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts, and Little Secrets of French Women. This skinny novel is an English-woman’s attempt to crack the code, to unearth and simplify the recipe for Frenchness, especially relating to the beauty of French women (quelle surprise). This is my official report, having done plenty of investigation and dare I say, meditation on the subject of how to be French.


I have now spent two and a half weeks basking in extreme Frenchness: sipping cafe au lait and wine, nibbling on pastries and cheese, taking in the beauty during forest and meadow walks, working on upping my vitamin D intake by lounging in the sun on La Plage shopping at Galeries Lafayette and giving my Franglais a spin with anyone who had the patience to indulge me. This is not my first trip to France, nor will it be my last. I travel to the country at least once or twice per year for ‘research’ for my business Panty by Post. My goal with each trip is to re-Frenchize myself, down to my impossibly French manicured toes.


To put it into North American speak, the French have boundaries. I realize this is not a sexy observation of French life. The perception is that the French are all hopelessly romantic , live in the moment and enjoy fantastic sex. Women are women and wear sexy lingerie, and men are men and pour on the seduction and flattery. We have a long way to becoming impossibly French. We see “them” as indulgent, which says more about “us” then it does “them”. The French just don’t see life the way we do, and they never will. They have boundaries and we must learn to live more like them, or else lead lives not experiencing the good life.


Let me explain with some examples of what I mean by boundaries. The French guard their lunch times, they will not keep their shops open or their offices running during these sacred mid day hours. They will not sacrifice food quality for convenience (although sadly, with each trip I observe how the North American fast food craze is increasingly taking hold in France). They will continue to wear colourful clothes and will absolutely not be seen in sneaks, jogging pants or in stained, holey unshapely t-shirts. The French are dignified creatures who revel in ritual, their daily bread, coffee, meals and family time. The French wear their style effortlessly. They gracefully wear summer linens, strappy high heels, flowing scarves, fantastic jewelry and dazzling hair styles (not a scrunched up pony tail to be seen).


Should we have more boundaries like the French? Should we set higher standards for ourselves? Yes, we should. What I learn each time I spend in France is a simple fact that although we may have more gadgets and take things for granted more, the French live much better. Aside from still smoking (God knows why), they do seem much more relaxed and less stressed on the whole. The first week I was here, I heard my iPhone phantom ringing every hour. Now I hear church bells. It is blissful.


We should care about French boundaries because in our North American thirst for cheap goods, fast money and convenience, we have traded the good life away. I will try to bring my French education back home. I’ll start small by taking lunch breaks with colleagues, by turning off my phone after work, by eating homemade food as much as possible and reveling in relationships with my friends and family. I will also make sure to limit my sweats to the weekend and in the comfort of my own home only, and I’ll always, always wear my pretty panties, whether I’m alone or with my special someone.


Thank you France, for constantly reminding me of the good things in life!


Natalie Grunberg is the mistress of, an online subscription service that sends a pretty French panty surprise in the mail monthly. Natalie cherishes her ‘field trips’ to France, a very necessary part of her life and business plan.



Summer Perks!

June 29, 2010


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It’s not too late for Dad’s Day!!!!

June 15, 2010


We love you dad!
Dad’s Day Gift Giving
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The problem is always the same for gift giving on Father’s Day, he has everything already! What we also know he has plenty of is… unsightly underwear.

Make them luxurious!
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